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About Our Fleming Island School

Meet The First Family of Imagination Island

Thank you to the wonderful families and beautiful city of Fleming Island for supporting Imagination Island of Fleming Island for more than a decade!

On our very first drive through the community of Fleming Island, we felt as if we were home. We felt an immediate connection and we were overjoyed knowing we had found our new hometown and the perfect place to open the school of our dreams. We both have a special connection and love of children! We are fascinated with their potential and inspired to awaken their gifts. We are thrilled to be able to make this vision come to life…one where we can be a valuable part of the lives of children during their formative and critical years by providing an elite, comprehensive early childhood program while becoming an integral part of the Fleming Island community.

We are a daily presence at our school. As Imagination Island of Fleming Island sets sail each new school year and embarks on an educational journey with the children of our community, we are committed to overseeing each detail of your child’s education.

Lisa Greene

Director of Education~Owner and Operator

Lisa Greene has a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership, as well as over twenty years of experience in early childhood education as a student, teacher, administrator, and director. Lisa not only possesses a vast knowledge of childhood development, but also has a genuine love and enthusiasm for children. Lisa has been at the forefront in the establishment of two successful and prestigious schools, from the early planning phase to the establishment of a sound curriculum and diverse selection of developmental programs. Most recently, Lisa was an integral part of the beginning and startup phases of a top, nationally recognized, early education & child development center where she worked as Education Director for many years.

Richard Greene

Owner and Operator

Richard Greene began working with children over twenty years ago as well. His experiences as mentor, coach, and his involvement in the Head Start Program compelled him to devote himself to the study of child development and early learning education. His enthusiasm to implement a new approach to educating young children and his concern for the mental and emotional well-being of children has been the motivation that sent Richie on the course to pursue a PhD in Child Psychology.