Early Preschool

Early Preschool at Imagination Island

Tender, Talented, Tenacious Two’s 24-36 Months

Our classrooms are designed to accommodate active, curious toddlers. In order to provide toddlers with the consistency and routine they crave, teachers plan days filled with a balance of quiet activities, spirited music & movement, and plenty of outdoor and indoor exercise.

We help children identify their emotions and develop relationships with other children through empathy and concern for others. Children are provided opportunity to choose to work collaboratively or independently. Some children will be busy mashing dough as a group at the art table while perhaps one might make something he “decides” to create independently.

Throughout the day children make self-directed (but carefully guided choices), participate in small groups, take part in circle time, and build the confidence needed to try new things.

Children enjoy free play to allow creativity and imagination to flourish. Teachers facilitate opportunities for children to engage in reading, writing, listening, and speaking using poems, finger plays, puppets, singing, and rhyming.