Advanced Preschool

Advanced Preschool

Pleasant, Precocious & Pure 3-4 Year Olds

Three-year-olds are full of wonder. This is an exciting time for these young learners, who are changing physically, cognitively, socially, and emotionally. Our preschoolers will begin to experience the joy of self-expression! Days are filled with busy explorations, investigations, and discoveries.

In our Advanced Preschool class, 3-4 year olds practice math and number concepts using age-appropriate materials to organize, sort, count, build, and sequence. They explore the world of science through weather, cooking, and seasonal activities. They develop motor skills and coordination while running, jumping, skipping, throwing, and catching. They demonstrate an emerging love of reading and writing, using growing literacy skills during read-alouds, shared readings, reading groups, and writing centers.

This class continues to strengthen language development by using language to share, communicate, and interact with friends. Children enjoy books, stories, games, projects, and songs based on curricular themes that are introduced in a whole-group setting then extended to small-group work and individual lessons. A print-rich environment and a love of reading are fostered to allow the children to practice literacy skills in real-life situations.

Each preschool classroom is equipped with a computer, and is integrated into weekly learning themes. Children are encouraged to learn computer techniques by using the computers regularly through supervised sessions with interactive, educational games.