Character Development

Character & Ethics Development

We Practice What We Preach

Through our Character and Ethics development program, children learn to work in a group setting and develop social skills including respect, patience, and independence. Throughout the year, children are encouraged to respect themselves and their community.

At School

We provide our children with a multitude of opportunities to share their spirit of giving and kindness, and put thoughtfulness into practice.

One of the ways we do this is through our “Fostering Friendships” program. This is where we encourage classrooms to do kind deeds for other Imagination Island classrooms. Every month each of our classrooms will be giving to others in some form, which could be a piece of art for another classroom to display, reading books to younger children, writing notes or cards, or preparing a special snack or treat. We encourage children to take their time and put forth their best effort to do something selfless for others.

At Home

We encourage the children to help out at home. Through roll play and continuous examples and ideas to try at home we hope to see children thinking of others and helping their brothers and sisters and mommies and daddies. We hope to saturate them with thoughts of putting others first and that families begin to experience the fruits of those labors at home.

In The Community

Our curriculum incorporates “Mission Mindedness” and throughout the year we will have different missions that the children will be exposed to as they are given opportunities to contribute to charities. Operation Christmas Child, partnering with the Humane Society, Trike-A-Thons to raise money for children’s causes, and Jump Rope for Heart are some causes of interest where we will help children understand needs of other children and learn about the different ways they can help.