Our Philosophy

Early Childhood Education Philosophy

Nurture The Brilliance & Individualization of Each Child

Our passion at Imagination Island of Fleming Island is to nurture the brilliance and individualization of each and every child while cultivating hearts filled with joy. Our passion is achieved using a comprehensive child development program, which focuses on the total essence of the child, ensuring progression in all facets of child development.

The foundation of this curriculum is centered on the social-emotional, and character development of the child. This core foundation emphasizes self-esteem, self-confidence, self-assurance, compassion, kindness, honor, gratitude, patience, grace, generosity, & friendship.

Imagination Island of Fleming Island is committed to these values and believes them to be integral to the academic advancement as well as the comprehensive development of the child. This innovative approach is balanced around an engaging play oriented challenge filled curriculum that Develops Cognition as well as Promotes Social-Emotional Development, Physical Development, Aesthetic Awakening, Linguistic Variation, and Art & Music Appreciation.

Family owned and operated, Imagination Island abounds with kindness while providing children with an advanced child development education within a nurturing and caring environment. Richie and Lisa Greene consider Imagination Island not to be just an elite private school within the community, but they consider it to be a school that is part of the family of Fleming Island…A family that inspires imagination, fosters compassion, and promotes individualism. A true love of children and family values is the heartbeat of Imagination Island of Fleming Island.